1953 Caribbean Convertible restored in 2004 3rd place winner at PAC Nationals in Boston 2005 and Toronto 2004. Also the 2004 recipient of the Wayne Merriman Award. 
Our 1953 Packard Caribbean rolls out of the shop and into history. 
Many things were done to this car including switching out the old black canvas top for a new white one. Piece by piece the car goes back together. We could not wait to get this one onn the road! 
Engines never look good when you start tearing them down. This one is no exception.
More than just a coat of paint later, the engine and transmission are ready to go back into the Caribbean and breath new life into this great 1953 convertible.
Here, in four shots, the engine is lifted with a hoist, moved into position, bolted down and all connections are made, then the radiator is put back into the car.
"Wait til you see it on the road"
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