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"White Cloud" is owned by Edwin B Jones III and is one of the rare factory all white 1956 Caribbeans built by Packard.  It is also currently in the re-assembly phase. More
This 1955 Packard Caribbean is in the  reassembly phase . This car is owned by Fred and Jackie Bruner at Max Merritt Auto . More
1954 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible is a project we are finishing for a new Florida home.  Check out what we have going on with this project here   

This 1956 Caribbean Belongs to Joseph Grossi of North haledon NJ. It was purchased in K.C out of a shop where it was being re-assembled. This car is 1 of 2 all Blue 56's It is undergoing a complete restoration .
This 1953  Matador red Packard Caribbean belongs to Frank Capo. 
Remember when we said this car arrived here in boxes? Now it is really shaping up into a living history on wheels. This  convertible is ever closer to being the car we all know it once was and will be again.
For more on how far along we are click HERE
This 1956 Caribbean belongs to Gene Perkins of Greenwood IN. It was in for a complete suspension rebuild. Also the carburetors were rebuilt inhouse and the car was dialed in.  The Rolls in the backround is in for a paint job.

This 1962 T-Bird belongs to Debrah Sanchez of Toledo, Ohio.  It is in for a complete paint job, as well as a new convertible top. More
1962 Thunderbird Debrah Sanchez

This 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III belongs to Joseph Schram of Pittsburg. The car is undergoing a complete paint job, and some minor mechanical repairs. 
This 1956 Continental Mark II belongs to Jerry Meadors of Danville, Indiana. It is in for a complete paint and mechanical as needed. It has been sitting for several years. This is the second car of Jerry's we're doing   More

This 1955 Caribbean convertible has a ways to go to being a show car.  By the end it will be the pride of the home fleet! See the completed car here
The "Frattini Brothers" Packard
This 1937 120 convertible rumbleseat coupe belonged to the grandparents of Leia Aldrich, a partner in Aldrich Restoration Specialists LLC.  It was repurchased and will now be put back the way it was. 
"Wait til you see it on the road"
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