Joe and Sarah Beaghler's 1937 120 conv coupe "Alfred". Received a front timing cover seal and other minor fixes. This car seats two adults and a 90lb. German Shepard comfortably in the front seat.
Doug and Carol Zundel's 1953 Caribbean Convertible received
re-arched leaf springs, all new bushings and a rear end overhaul.
Greg Worthington's 1955 Patrician.
This car got an engine and transmission overhaul, and then buffed and detailed.
Casey Hayes 1940 Packard Coupe. Pat Aldrich upgraded it to the R9 overdrive unit.
Larry Schur's 1955 Caribbean.
This car received an engine, transmission, and suspension overhaul. This car is his daily driver in Florida.
Robert Katz's 1931 four door Dietrich Convertible. This car stopped in after Nationals to get some rock chip repair.
Carl Schneider brought his 120 in just before nationals to get a little tune up and pinion seal replacement before driving from Dayton to the Nationals in Detroit!
After purchasing our 1939 Darrin at the Amelia Island Auction. Mr. O'Quinn drives up the 18th for awards and accolades.  More...
Here the T-Bird sits on a rare nice day in December.  Her paint is beautiful, her  engine purring, the interior screaming for someone to sit and take a drive.  She is an entirely different car than the sad, misaligned mess that we saw just a few months ago. 

 Mr, Meadors, Enjoy your new beauty!

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