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Pat and Leia Aldrich have always shared a love of Packard automobiles, that passion has only grown since knowing each other.  Together they have built a restoration shop with the goal to restore your car so that you may enjoy it as much as they enjoy theirs.  To whatever extent you enjoy your cars, Aldrich Restoration Specialists LLC can be your bridge between what is and what it could be!
Patrick, at age 14, was inspired by his father to build a 1948 Packard Standard Eight Club Sedan as a family project.  Ever since he has discovered the joys, trials and sense of accomplishment that comes with the automobile restoration trade.  Through it all, however, he has learned much, met wonderful people and even found a wife amongst it all!  His former business The Packard Ranch of Bennett, CO has outgrown its "ranch" roots and become Aldrich Restoration Specialists LLC.  The new and improved shop is centrally located in Dayton, OH a day's drive from just about anywhere east of the Mississippi River.
Email Patrick at p.aldrich@aldrichrestores.com
Clean and Blast
The Owner: Patrick Aldrich.
Day in and day out working tirelessly to make this business work for his family and his clients.
The Metal Shop:
Featuring everything necessary for in house metal fabrication. Clockwise from top left: A stomp sheer, a bench mounted metal snip, a metal break, and a bead roller for doing floor pans and interior body work.. If it is made of metal we can work it, weld it, shape it or cut it to make it right.
Roc Patterson is a utility player for the Aldrich team. He balances the books, he strips the fenders...soon he will pass the Ohio Bar Examination and practice law as well.
Parts Cleaner
The Wood Shop:
While the woodshop is not always in use, it is a necessary item. It comes in handy for doing old cars which are constructed metal over wood. Our current projects page includes a car which will get all new interior structural wood.
The Lift

If the Lift can't do it or 'Wally' the Forklift is busy with other things, obviously you have get it done by hand. Here is Pat demonstrating his ability to lift the heavy  end of just about anything .
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