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Here is a shot of the dash board and dash pad installed. Also, the brakes are completely done as well as the accelerator pedal and linkage
The engine compartment with correct battery cables
Here is a shot without the batwing installed. Yes the motor is running in this picture
Here is some more brightwork. In this picture is all the re-chromed convertible top pins, and hood scoops 
Most of the floors were replaced with new metal. The body was undercoated prior to putting it back on the chassis.
The radiator to grille shroud installed. the hood latches perfectly and fits great
This shows the rear bumper installed and all aligned, along with the taillights. Just a nice 3/4 view
Here is a picture sitting in the shop. It is moving under it's own power now! It has been driven approx 100 FEET
Sitting outside, where it was moved under its own power!
Look how nice the trunk fits!
The mechanicals are completely restored. Here you see the correct dual four barrel set up. The carbs were restored by Daytona Carburetor. The motor is completey rebuilt. Unfortunately, it is not the original motor. THis block is out of a "400" As for judging, that won't be an issue. Of course the suspension has been rebuilt. The components including the frame were powdercoated
Some of the brightwork waiting for re-installation
The rebuilt engine has about two hours  of run time so far. There are pictures of it on our run stand in the services page.
Bumper installed and NOS turn signal lenses installed
This shows the rear bumper installed and all aligned, along with the taillights. Please excuse the exhaust hose!
Here is a picture of the painted dash being reassembled
This is a new windshield from Phillips. The three piece windshield header was removed and plated 
This shows the re-chromed header, and the newly vinyled dash pad. Sorry about the dust
"Wait til you see it on the road"
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