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Here she is complete. This 1953 turns heads every where it shows up. Clean simple lines and a beautiful color set this car off from the pack.
The top is completed and the front seat and door panels are put on.
Top Two:
Pieces of the top are cut to fit and assembled on the car.

Bottom Two:
The back seat pieces are cut to fit and put into the car.
You always have to start somewhere. Here is the 1953 Straight Eight stripped down and ready for a rebuild.
After dropping in the engine, all the remaining components are bolted on.
After the engine is rebuilt, the paint scheme is carefully applied. Top left show the block after rebuild with the base grey. Top right shows the beautiful new paint job of the completed engine just before dropping it into the car. Bottom left: the engine rolls into place. Bottom right, this might as well be a photo from the factory...so new and clean.