Disassembly and Inspection
Component installation
Here A 1956 Packard Caribbean engine  is unpacked from its shipping crate.  All of the components will be restored. Prior to being shipped back to the customer the engine will be broken in on our run stand and adjusted.
The carburetors are also restored in-house. This allows us to make mixture adjustments tailored to your engine needs. This also  prevents any mishaps during shipping.
Here is the bare block ready to be sent out to the machine shop
These are the pistons after pulling them from an unrestored engine. 
Once the engine returns from the machine shop All of the reconditioned components begin to go back together.
New pistons go in and look like they came from the factory.
The heads are reconditioned using all new valves, springs, and retainers. The heads are planed if needed.
Once the top pieces are removed you discover how much needs to be done. In this case four of the cylinders are really bad. The block is sent to an excellent local machine shop.
Now that the block is rebuilt we start bolting on the newly restored moutning brackets and components.
Components are installed on the engine to prep it for the run stand. We run all of our engines and break them in prior to installation or shipping.
Here in these four photos you can see that the components necessary to run the engine on the run stand are being put onto the engine. The engine then gets run to operating temperature. The oil and filter are then changed and the engine re-run and all of the dialing in is done on the stand. The heads are also re-torqued.  This assures the engine is DONE!
Here is a 1955 Packard Caribbean engine being installed.  There are no more adjustments to be made at this time.
Here is a 1956 Packard 400 engine being prepped for customer pickup. All that needs to be done is drop it in the car and go!
Clockwise from Top Left:
1) A freshly painted engine gets some sun after its time in the paint booth.

2)  The manifold  and bell housing are painted.

3) A shot of the full engine ready for components to be mounted.

4) A shot of dual carb manifold setup now mounted on the engine with gaskets ready to get those rebuilt dual carburetors.
Larry Shur's 1954 Starfire Oldmobile Rocket came to us looking like this. To be correct for the Starfire, it needed to be a specific green.  
Mr. Terzian's 1939 Packard Business Coupe gets a complete overhaul. Here is the engine after it was pulled from the car and all the attached components that need rebuilt have been set on the bench.
When engines are done in our shop, they are show quality correct assemblies ready to drive and win awards.
The Oldsmobile Rocket engine is ready to go back in the 1954 Starfire and breath some new life into this beautifully restored classic.
Final Engines Prepped for Shipping, or Installed
An important part of winning accolades is detail and perfection on all point. Here the correct 1953 Packard Caribbean gets its beautifully restored power plant.
Vision, know how, and plenty of elbow grease among other things will take this old Straight Eight back to its former glory which you can see in the photo to the right.
Worthington's 1955 Patrician engine is pulled from the vehicle. 
Some might say its amazing what a coat of paint will do, but its underneath this paint that counts. From fan to tranny this engine's parts were rebuilt, milled or replaced to bring this engine roaring back to life.
"Wait til you see it on the road"
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