The 1939 Hollywood Darrin One Twenty. Here it is painted and restored in the RM Auction tent at Amelia Island and the Amelia Island Concours in March 2007. More
1965 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III. This car came in for a complete repaint. It was disassembled, stripped to bare metal and completely re-done.  This car was the last non Packard to enter our shop. What a way to end the non Packard journey! 


Brookville, Ohio 
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Here is a 1951Convertible belonging to Dan Brick. This car underwent a "ground up" restoration. 
This 1931 Dietrich  was a quick job for us; just here long enough to fix some rock chips but it was sure nice to see such a beautiful car cross our doorway.
1959 Ford Thunderbird convertible is a recent alumni of Aldrich Restoration for further details click here
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The 1955 Packard Caribbean pictured above is one of the all time great classic cars. This car belongs to Fred and Jackie Bruner of Max Merritt Auto. A lot of work and effort went into getting it this far so click the pic or hit up the link for more about  this car and the excellence of the work we love to do. [MORE]
Here is Frank Capo's finished 1953 Caribbean. This car has won a "Best in Class" at the 2010 Ault Park Concours, as well as being badged as a "First Place car at the PAC Nationals at Gettysburg this summer. Click here to see the work done
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November 20th 2023
1953 Caribbean Convertible restored in 2004 3rd place winner at PAC Nationals in Boston 2005 and Toronto 2004.  
Also the 2004 recipient of the Wayne Merriman Award.  This is the car that got this business rolling!
 This 1955 Caribbean is owned by Barbara Anderson of Brookfield Connecticut. This car has had a frame off restoration spanning several years. It has been shown at the 2012 Ault Park Concours, The 2012 Keeneland Concours, The PAC Nationals, as well as the Hershey AACA show on her behalf.

"Wait til you see it on the road"